Water and Life

With the ever increasing cost of our fresh water supply and changing weather patterns around the world, saving water is on everyone’s mind, especially when drought hits us and we hear of the possibility of water shortages and even water wars.

70% of the earth is made up of water but only about 3% is clean and suitable for human consumption. Most fresh water we use is not very fresh at all and needs filtering and cleaning to be safe.  So whilst we tend to take water for granted, it is quite a rare resource.

There are many things we can do in our own homes to save water, like ensuring we have no taps dripping, checking the water meter is not running when we are not using water (signs of a leak in the pipe underground) and even investing in rainwater harvesting and saving our “grey” water for the garden. Perhaps you’ve already put bottles of water (years ago we used bricks!) in your toilet cisterns to reduce the volume of water.
But what do we do when we go on holiday? Sometimes, it’s easier not to be vigilant when we’re relaxing but if we get into good water saving habits both at home and away, every drop of this life-giving resource can be saved wherever we are in the world.

So here are some tips for using less water when you are away from home:-

  1. When cleaning your teeth, pour water in a glass or mug and use this to swish your toothbrush in. Only turn the tap on briefly when you’ve finished brushing to flush the glass and the sink.
  2. Take only a quick shower instead of a bath.
  3. Hang up towels to dry after your shower. If you are in a hotel, there’s normally a sign to tell you to hang them up if you want to save water. If they’re on the floor, they get laundered and you get clean dry ones. Nice, but not really necessary!
  4. When you wash, put the plug in the basin, rather than having the taps running constantly and water going down the drain.
  5. Hand wash undies and socks in a basin and be aware of not utilising too much water.
  6. Make sure the toilet doesn’t continue to flush after use. Listen. Jiggle cistern handles/push buttons to ensure that “off” is really “off”.
  7. Report dripping taps to the housekeeper or front desk where you are staying.
  8. If you are in the bush and your car is full of mud or dust, use only a bucket of water, rather than a hose, to wash it down. Or just clean the windows and windscreens until you get home. (Then use a bucket there and wash your car on your lawn!)

When it comes to water that you drink, please don’t skimp on this. Drink plenty especially if it is really hot or really dry (or both). You need water a-plenty for your health and well-being!  Water is life!  If you are unsure about the purity of the tap water when you are away from home, do ask – and if in doubt, ensure that you only use bottled water – and avoid ICE CUBES unless you have made them yourself with clean water.


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