Explore Beyond Luxurious Comfort


The Power of Wilderness

We were at Royal Jozini during the Covid 19 pandemic and lockdown and each day, we took a couple of hours, packed drinks, ice and snacks into a cooler, and set off to have sundowners somewhere on the reserve. It was soul-feeding. To see a tiny sunbird, or watch in awe as a mighty kudu bull stands and stares at us, with his magnificent horns a meter long; checking every roadway “is this elephant dung fresh? How fresh?” and then proceed slowly in case a bull might be around the next corner and we have to hightail it in reverse. And then to watch the sun sinking down in the sky, silhouetting the now bare branches of gnarled and ancient marula trees, or the iconic flat-top acacias, as the dry long grass sways in the breeze. And there is a sense of ancient, unspoiled wilderness, a place that has always been, never changed. And we feel a need so strong to protect and preserve these wild places, so that generations to come will still look upon them with awe and wonder.

Reconnect with Loved Ones

place for a birthday

Friends & family

Relax and enjoy the ambience of your lodge, take a dip in the pool, read, eat, sleep, braai or just sit around a boma fire to chat with your family and friends.  

Retreat to the wild

Whatever you wish to do or see, you can be sure to unwind, relax and fall in love with this amazing expanse of Africa in wonderful comfort at Royal Jozini.

Royakl Jozini on the water sunset (1)

For couples

When the rush and hubbub of city life drains your energy, relax, unwind and reconnect in the healing surrounds of the wilderness.

Guided Game Drives

Our ranger is also a full- time elephant monitor and he has great bush knowledge of all the animals – but an especially strong bond with the elephants at Royal Jozini. He will tell you their story – of travel from the Kruger, escape and then return, crossing from Pongola Game Reserve to us in Eswatini, and how more than 40 swam across from the eastern shores of the lake to escape poachers, to find sanctuary with us.

Our Unimog seats 15. It is not quiet, but the animals seem to have become used to it! (This vehicle was an extra in the movie “Blood Diamond”.)

A guided game drive is available for the public from the gate. Guests who stay with us pay a semi-sponsored rate. It is worth it to explore the west shore!


Experience Lake Jozini

elephant in water

Boat based game viewing

Depending on the water, waves and wind conditions, taking a boat ride onto the lake can be a thrilling experience, to be able to see huge crocodiles basking on the banks, the hippos grunting to protect their territory, and perhaps even see elephants come to the water to drink, swim and play! We are generally able to take guests out 6 at a time for this experience! Times may have to be changed if the wind comes up but your skipper will advise.

Ross Montgomery 2014

Tiger fishing

Ask any fisherman or woman what a thrill it is to catch a tiger fish, and they will have many tales to tell you! This species is protected in Lake Jozini, so it is strictly catch and release. You can fish from the jetties or bring your own boat (there is an annual launch fee) or you can book one of our own enthusiasts to take you out for a few hours! The tiger fish is a silvery, striped fighting fish with sharp teeth! It can be caught on fly, rapala or with bait. Best fishing months are September to April.

Lake Jozini; an aquatic sanctuary where wildlife thrives both in its waters and along its bustling shores. Let’s craft your story amidst the majesty of nature’s inhabitants.


Bird Watching

Because Royal Jozini has such diverse eco systems within its boundaries – from mountain (The Lebombo’s) to wetland (Lake Jozini) with savannah and bushveld as well, there are a vast number of bird species that can be seen from time to time.

It is SO exciting for us at Royal Jozini that over 300 species have been spotted on the reserve!

The water birds often seen are Grebes (3 types), Cormorant and Darter, Bittern, Heron and Egrets, Hammerkop, Ibis and Spoonbill, Storks, Ducks and Geese, as well as the “water lily walking” Jacanas.

Then we get the raptors, Osprey and the African Fish Eagle (who doesn’t get a thrill at its haunting call?) plus 37 other species of eagles, kites, vultures, hawks, buzzards and harriers.

In the 1970’s I remember when we drove throughout Southern Africa, we would often see Secretary Birds in the fields and the bush as we traversed the countryside – but over the years, the sighting of these magnificent birds has become rare. We were thrilled to see a pair at Royal Jozini, right on the border of the Pongola Game reserve recently.

There are Falcons and 10 species of Pheasants and Partridges in Swaziland, as well as Helmeted and Crowned Guinea fowl.

There are Cranes and Crakes, Rails, Gallinules and Coots, Flufftails and Finfoots, Bustards and Buttonquails and a myriad of wading birds.

And that’s not even half of them!

Whether you are a birding enthusiast, or a beginner, you will be thrilled at the number of different birds you can hear and see!


African Activities

For your safety, it is forbidden to walk or ride bicycles anywhere outside of the exclusion zone. Although there are high wires to keep elephant out, do stay alert and do check with your housekeeper if elephants have broken though. They love swimming pool water and the clean fresh water from our reticulation pipes.



One of the most important things is to create memories of your life experiences, so take lots of photographs! Whether you capture the early morning sunrise or the orange glows and long shadows of sunset, the wildlife and scenery at Royal Jozini is exceptional!


Mountain Biking

Although not specifically a mountain bike route, the Maroela Loop will take you on rocky paths up the slopes of the mountains, and through some spectacular scenery. Download details here but do check on whether there are elephants inside the East Shore Reserve!
Ranger's rock viewpoint

Walk on the wild side

In Royal Jozini’s East Shore “Exclusion Zone” we have mapped out the first bush walk “Ranger’s Rock”which you can download here. It is our intention to identify more walking trails in the East Shore exclusion zone.


Star gazing

Although the border and surrounding villages have been electrified over the years, there’s still enough darkness at night to enjoy the night sky and to see the constellations as the world turns. Best of course during a new moon when there is not much reflected light. Check your moon tables when you book!