Use this packing checklist and never be caught out again

Packing your luggage for a holiday adventure can be very frustrating and confusing at the best of times. Trying to anticipate the weather and activities ahead, while being conscious of not taking too much with you is not easy. Add to this the complications of travelling to a neighbouring country, potentially into self-catering accommodation and it is easy to leave something essential behind.
This article provides some guidelines of what to pack when going to Swaziland. It provides a downloadable packing checklist for self catering and a checklist for travelling light.

Tips for the ladies:

When packing, we tend to want to take all our favourite things with us – and end up with enough clothing for a three month trip – and everyone complains about the amount of luggage they are lifting and carrying. The worst scenario is when we have no one to help us – and if we are overseas, the amount of walking, train stations, staircases and such that have to be negotiated – and with a heavy suitcase – will have us in a state of despair. So how do we begin to plan what to pack?
Remember this one important fact – NO ONE NOTICES NEUTRALS – eyes go to lights and brights, so your blouses, shirts, scarves etc., should be the focus of attention. So mix and match will work best for travelling – and this is how to keep your luggage light:-

  1. Choose one neutral (black, brown, beige, navy etc) so you only need one handbag. Then select, in the same neutral, if you need walking shoes, sandals, court shoes, boots or all of those. (Always wear your boots to travel in, if you can, as they are heaving and bulky to pack)
  2. Pack four “bottoms” – slacks, jeans, skirts – in your chosen neutral (or that harmonise with your shoes)
  3. Pack a total of 10 “tops” – choose different coloured shirts, t-shirts, blouses, that harmonise with your “bottoms”. Pack cardigan and/or a jacket in your chosen neutral.
  4. Throw in some harmonising or contrasting silk scarves and pashminas and some fun, colourful costume jewellery.
  5. Underwear, pyjamas
  6. Swimwear, sunglasses
  7. If you need a warm coat, then carry this with you as you will probably need to wear it when you arrive at your destination.
  8. Don’t forget a travel hairdryer (110&220v options), hairbrush, your skin lotions, make-up (I keep an entire set packed ready for travelling because too often I have popped my mascara back into its place in my dressing table drawer and left without it!)
  9. Sun creams, insect repellent, hand wipes, small zip lock bag with hand washing powder

Keep your camera, cell phone, tablet etc., on your person at all times and any “good” jewellery.

Don’t forget your passport – check the expiry date and that you have at least two clear pages left. And if you are travelling with children, ensure that you have their unabridged birth certificates with you for your easy departure and return to South Africa.

Here is our downloadablSUGGESTED PACKING LIST if you are staying in self catering accommodation.

Now you know what and how…’s up to you to choose your when and where! And if you choose Swaziland, then it must be Royal Jozini!

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