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Lake Jozini Information

The Pongolapoort Dam, which stretches northwards into Swaziland is surrounded by Royal Jozini Private Game Reserve and is known as “Lake Jozini”.  The game reserve gate is just 9kms from the border of South Africa in the Kingdom of eSwatini, formerly known as Swaziland.

King Mswati III of Swaziland changed the name officially to the Kingdom of eSwatini in April 2018 in celebration of his 50th birthday.

The Kingdom of eSwatini is a landlocked country in Southern Africa, the main language being SiSwati, and the people of the Nguni tribes, with the land situated in mountainous country. The Kingdom of eSwatini is a peaceful country, although small and poor, with the Monarchy in rule and hosts the world-famous reed dance every year.

As an 8 day-long event, the traditional reed dance is a Zulu / Swazi ceremony where unmarried and childless girls and women travel through to the Ludzidzini Royal Village for the ceremony, and the main focus of the dance being the reeds from the river. The Reed Dance is centuries-old royal tradition and acts to unify the nation. The date of the Reed Dance is set as a public holiday for the Kingdom of eSwatini.

Dates for the Reed Dance:

2020 7 Sep

General information about Lake Jozini

The Pongolapoort Dam is a man-made structure crossing the border between South Africa and eSwatini, bordered by the Lebombo mountains. With Tiger fishing in abundance, boat trips, and game viewing, Lake Jozini makes for a great destination for a bush break. Tigerfish are known for their sharp teeth used to grasp prey, with a hunter instinct. Attacking in a group, these fish are aggressive and eat any other fish, have been reported to catch birds and are a protected species, so fishing is strictly catch and release. The Tiger fish is a large silvery colour and uses sound to detect its prey. Tiger fishing is best between September to March.

Lake Jozini is fed by the winding Pongola river, with its tributary being the Maputo River, and once through the Lebombo mountains, interestingly does not keep flowing eastwards, but turns north through the Makatini Flats, ending in Maputo Bay.

What to do on Lake Jozini:

  • Tiger Fishing
  • Elephant sightings
  • Boating
  • Game viewing – there are plenty of hippo and crocs to keep you entertained in the water, and plains game on the banks!  Keep a watchful eye open for hippos and crocs, which can be very dangerous and territorial.

Where to stay at Lake Jozini:

Royal Jozini Private Game Reserve has catered and self-catering accommodation, as well as tented camp accommodation for visitors to Lake Jozini.

Malaria risk:

This is a low risk Malaria area, but bug spray and items such as Peaceful sleep and Tabard will be very much appreciated!.

Please be aware that the wildlife is WILD and should be respected. Do not aggravate, irritate or chase the animals and keep a good distance at all times. Littering – please keep the rubbish from the drives for the rubbish bins where it can be properly disposed of.

Enjoy the view in the wildlife’s beautiful home!