How to deal with an emergency in the bush

Being away from home presents a number of challenges and potential difficulties to the traveller. To be prepared is always the best advice, and that includes being prepared for emergencies as well. It is a good idea to accept that things work differently when you are in the bush and then be prepared for most eventualities.
This article outlines the type of emergencies that can occur, such as car break down, accident, injury, illness etc. and provides local emergency numbers.
Wherever you are heading, keep with you emergency numbers, or at least your insurance contact number. (We recommend that you always take out travel insurance if you are travelling far from home – hospitalization costs and medevac could otherwise be crippling.)

In case of any emergency when you are staying at Royal Jozini, in Swaziland, first call the reserve’s managers:

Jay Azran (General Manager): +268 7602 3085 (SZ) or +27 82 442 0290 (SA)
Israel Simelane (Reserve Manager): +268 7612 7022

They will be able to assist you with contacting car mechanics, etc., and be able to assist as far as they possibly can, call a towing company in case of breakdown, bring jumper cables, etc.

For medical emergencies:-
Big Bend Hospital +268 23636332.
Directions to Big Bend Hospital:
Travel North from Lavumisa for approximately 60km. Opposite the sugar mill, turn left into Big Bend
town. Continue for approximately 2km, Big Bend Hospital is on your right.

Pongola Hospital +27 34 413 1372
Directions to Pongola Hospital:
Travel South to Lavumisa, through the border into South Africa (border open 7am to 10pm) 10km past the border turn right onto the N2 and travel for 28km until you reach the town of Pongola. Take the first turn right before the Engen Garage, and then take the first right again thereafter. Pongola Hospital is on your left.

Staying safe in the bush:-

  • Watch where you step. Always use a torch when you walk outdoors at night.
  • Wear boots and long trousers in the bush or veld. Step on top of, not over, logs or rocks.
  • Stick to footpaths.
  • Don’t put your hand into holes in the ground or under objects when picking them up.
  • Stay away from dead snakes – many fake death.
  • Don’t try to catch or kill snakes; get in an experienced snake handler
  • Always keep your cell phone with you when hiking, and keep it charged.

So now that you know where to go and who to call if you have a problem, don’t put life on hold for fear of what might happen. Go bravely out to explore this wonderful world we live in….and remember that the majestic scenery of the Lebombo Mountains awaits you at Royal Jozini Big 6 private reserve.

Download the ROYAL JOZINI BIG 6 EMERGENCY NUMBERS to keep with you. Now drop Lynda an email to find out which lodge accommodation will suit you best – and enjoy the magnificent splendour of Royal Jozini.

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