How to catch a Tiger in 9 easy steps

Many South Africans enjoy the excitement of a safari into the great African wilderness. Over the years we have been served images of adventure tourists traveling far into Africa to experience the thrill of catching the mighty Tiger fish. But it is not necessary to travel so far, as this unforgettable experience can be enjoyed a mere 6 hours by car from Gauteng, 4 hours from Durban.

9 essential things to know and do:

  • Book your accommodation
  • Check that your passport is valid (and has 2 spare blank pages)
  • Have your car registration papers in a file ready for customs information
  • Check your fishing tackle box – hooks, line, sinkers, floats, lures, knife, cutting board.
  • Prepare your chum/bait
  • Pack your sun hat, sun screen, mozzie repellent etc.
  • Check to see if you need to buy a fishing licence at your destination (NB – No fishing license required at Royal Jozini in Swaziland – catch and release)
  • If you are taking your own boat, check that you have your skipper’s license and boat seaworthy with you and trailer license papers.
  • If you don’t have your own boat, book a charter boat and skipper. (NB at Royal Jozini, you don’t have to have fished before – you can experience tiger fishing for the first time, hire your tackle and get taken onto the lake with the Royal Jozini charter boat and skipper.

Every angler has his methods and secrets, his reels, lures and bait and his own fishing folklore and methods, as well as his own very closely guarded secrets. But here we share with you a fanatical tiger fisherman’s tips and hints to help you on your way:-

  1. The Tiger go for Bait on a static line, and remarkably find pilchards quite tasty. The take on static dead bait is gentle and often mistaken for a weed or grass. Allow the fish to take the bait BEFORE striking. Strike too early and it’s gone, strike too late and the hook is naked.
  2. It takes practice, practice, concentration and nerves of steel.
  3. When fishing with lures or Fly the hit is so explosive that it can take the rod out of your hands, it is incredibly fast and powerful. The desperate life saving battle to free itself from the hook is ferocious and ancient.
  4. A successful Tiger fish hunt ends with a photograph a high five, big grins and a release.


Don’t hesitate – ask a question, find out more, book a Tiger Fishing Expedition, experience Royal Jozini Big 6 (Big 5 plus TIGERS!)

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