What is “Elephanting”?

Royal Jozini is a game reserve in all its natural, wild glory. Not a sanctuary where orphaned baby elephants are cared for. The herd at Royal Jozini roams and lives free and naturally. Elephanting is NOT being able to have an elephant give you a big “trunk kiss” or for you to groom them and feed them (as special as this is at the rescue centres that love and care for the orphans).

What it is…

A time where you can immerse yourself in a three-night/two day (or a four night/3 day) encounter with specialist elephant rangers. This wild elephant family – an exclusive opportunity for a maximum of only six people per experience (children over 8 are most welcome).

iStock-478723028This unique time in Swaziland will provide you with a safe and unforgettable encounter with Africa’s gentle giants, in an area that was always part of their ancient migratory route. Coupled with the fact that Royal Jozini is home to virtually every species of African wildlife. This is an out-of-the-ordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the rhythms and sounds, life and ambience, of the wild.

Your host is a skilled and experienced elephant guide, who will engage you in select Elephanting experiences amongst the wild elephants. There is no set routine as the elephants themselves will determine what happens and how long you are out in the bush with the ranger and them. We can guarantee you a breath-taking setting on the slopes of the Lebombo Mountains, a comfortable bush lodge home to stay in; good, hearty and wholesome food, your refreshments and snacks, a sundowner or two and amazing stories around a boma fire.

Shaka and Dignan (002)

What can you expect?

Find out why Africa is the cradle of mankind and of elephants.
Understand the role elephants have and their importance to conservation.
Listen to why the elephant was the original communicator in Africa.
Find out how elephants can teach humankind about family values.
Learn about the intricate social lives and networks of elephants
Understand the interesting and sophisticated communication systems of elephants.
Learn about the phenomenon of ‘musth’ in bulls and all its implications.
Be shown how to read tracks, how to look out for signs if the elephants are nearby and what sounds to listen out for.
Learn why and how elephants are relocated.

Learn how elephants are managed and why they need range expansion

The special history of the herd at Royal Jozini

There are two Elephanting accommodation options with meals and refreshments included. You can choose between “get involved and get braaing” or have meals prepared for you (“Served”). In the “get involved and get braaing” option, you can choose a rustic lodge (Typical) with a boma, or a more luxurious option of a lodge with a pool (Luxury).  Recommended by Travel Hacking.


Your specialist guides are rangers from the Space for Elephants Foundation (SEF). You will learn why SEF was born, its goals, and how you can help by giving our elephants their

S P A C E.

And at the end of it all, you will leave with:

· A newfound passion for elephants
· An awareness of what elephants think and feel
· An intimate understanding of what elephants teach us
· A better view of elephant behaviour
· An insight into how elephants communicate
Your Elephanting adventure at Royal Jozini financially supports the Space for Elephants Foundation, for which we thank you!

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