2014 Annual Tiger Fishing Competition

The 2014 Royal Jozini Tiger Fishing Spring Festival was held over just two days this year, October 24th and 25th.  With 56 fishermen taking part, the weather was perfect and although the fish were more than elusive, a great time was had by all.  Congratulations to Mike Oldfield’s Imvubu team for winning the overall prize for biggest catch for the boat and the R10,000 prize.

Largest Tiger Fish caught was 4.2 kgs.

The only disaster was the loss of a boat which caught fire on the evening prior to the competition and was utterly lost. The owner and his son dived overboard and were picked up quickly by a boat which was heading over to greet them. No severe injuries apart from singed hair and a couple of blisters for which the entire Royal Jozini “family” are extremely grateful.  And in the true spirit of every great fisherman, both men competed the next day in a borrowed boat.

Ryan Goss's boat on fire